11 Nov

 All around the world people, adults, and children alike, are forced to seek refuge from their countries due to war, violence, conflict and/or prosecution. These people are refugees, men, woman and children who are separated from their country, their homes and their loved ones. 

Children make up less than one third of the world’s population, yet they were 50% of the world’s refugees in 2018 and these numbers keep rising. At the end of 2020 more 48 million people were forcibly displaced internationally and over 33 million of them were children. One can imagine how much these statistics have risen since the pandemic hit and prolonged across 2021. 

Today we focus on staying safe from the pandemic that has taken not only our loved and cherished ones but also our freedom to go outside and interact with everyday people; pointing out the wrongs in the world, such as racism and homophobia, and doing our best to right them. Therefore, if you do follow important world issues or just enjoy beautiful artistic setups then, “The Walk” is just the thing you should be following and supporting. 

“The Walk” is a humanitarian and creative project that raises awareness on the plight of displaced children or displaced and refugee children. This amazing program is based around a 3.5-meter high, giant puppet, that embodies a nine-year-old fictional girl, named Little Amal, who represents all displaced and refugee children world-wide. With her team, from July, Little Amal has walked across Turkey, Greece, Italy, France, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium and ending their journey in November in Manchester, England, UK. 

The name Amal means hope and that’s exactly what the people of the Good Chance theatre company are aiming to inspire. Through crossing both language and psychical borders, that separate and divide, they have united people around a common goal and that is remembering that there are still refugee children, who need as much help and support as possible.

 To welcome Little Amal or just show your support, here’s what you can do:

- Dance to the music hundreds or thousands of people around the world will dance to on October 22. You will find it here: https://youtu.be/Un4i4TWzrYw. Send us a video! 

- Spread the word about her and her team’s phenomenal work

- Write a song, a poem, that you can read, slam, rap… (just a suggestion) and sent it to sabine.menou@aefe.fr


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